TCL Oled TV (Ink-Jet Printed) in 2025?

The Chinese manufacturer TCL plans to produce its first Oled inkjet screens, also known under the name IJP-Oled RGB (for Ink-Jet Printed) by the end of 2024 at the earliest, more probably in 2025.

On the occasion of a recent event in Poland to discover more about the TCL C805, TCL C955 and TCL X955 Mini LED TV series, the manufacturer shared a lot of information including its various areas of development. Because if the Mini LED technology developed by CSOT (China Star Optoelectronics Technology), the company in charge of manufacturing screens at TCL, is today at the heart of the Chinese manufacturer's strategy, the group is already looking towards the future.

Micro LED in 2030, Mini LED since 2019 and IJP-Oled RGB from 2025

While TCL does not plan to market Micro LED screens to the general public before 2030 (see photo above), due to enormous costs, the Chinese firm intends to continue its conquest of the TV market here there. To achieve this, the continued development of the Mini LED process of course with which the brand is experiencing remarkable commercial success but also an entry into the Oled TV market segment from the mid-2020s (see photo below), with IJP-Oled RGB (for Ink-Jet Printed) technology implemented in CSOT factories. The latter is the only Oled obedience, for large screen, to use three red, green and blue sub-pixels to display an image, according to the principle of an additive screen guaranteeing very great colorimetric accuracy, (a contrario of White Oled for example).

IJP-Oled RGB, the best display technology?

For TCL, the IJP-Oled RGB process brings together a number of advantages compared to White Oled from LG Display and QD Oled from Samsung Display. Coverage greater than 90% of the Rec.2020 gamut, an average brightness of 300 nits and 2,000 nits peak, all with a very favorable energy label (see first photo of this news, above). And if the production costs of IJP-Oled panels are estimated to be high at the beginning, they should drop significantly thereafter. Specialists in the screen industry estimate, for example, that the cost of manufacturing a 75/77'' (191/196 cm) IJP-Oled RGB panel will quickly become 33% cheaper than a 77 panel. '' leaving LG Display factories.

TV TCL IJP-Oled RGB, from 42'' to 98''

In terms of depth of IJP-Oled RGB range, the information revealed by TCL initially mentions the diagonals 55'' (140 cm), 65'' (165 cm) and 75'' (191 cm) for the next T8 production line in Guangzhou, in addition to the T7 mentioned in our columns from 2018 (see our news Construction site of the Ink-Jet Printed Oled CSOT (TCL) factory launched in Shenzhen), 42'' (107 cm ) to 98'' (249 cm) therefore probably going through 49'' (124 cm) or 50'' (127 cm) and 85'' (216 cm) thereafter.

More information, undoubtedly, at the next CES show in Las Vegas from January 8 to 13, 2024.