TNT 4K, here we go for France 2 UHD and France 3 UHD

Since this morning, mid-morning, France 2 UHD and France 3 UHD have been available on the Eiffel Tower transmitter. 4K TNT in France is really here!

Happy are the inhabitants of Paris and its surroundings because they can now enjoy 4K DTT with the broadcast of France 2 UHD and France 3 UHD available, respectively, on channels 52 and 53.

France 2 UHD and France 3 UHD, quality which is improving…

Certainly, the broadcast is not yet optimal, the signal cuts out regularly (especially on France 3 UHD) and the image displayed is not yet the best there is. But to follow this launch closely, we notice that the quality oscillates between good and not so good (see capture below) although with a trend of improvement since mid-afternoon. This therefore bodes well, until the settings are perfectly refined according to the nature of the content broadcast. But as the name of the program broadcast on France 2 indicates at the time of the captures below, it started well today...

AC4 sound (Dolby Atmos), on the program

For the rest, as illustrated in the photos below, the broadcast is in Ultra HD (2160p), 16/9, at 50 Hz and in HDR10. Likewise, for sound, in addition to E-AC3 (Dolby Digital Plus), an AC4 stream is available (Dolby Atmos) for compatible televisions.

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