iPhone 16 Pro, new battery on the run (photo)

Interesting details spotted on “stolen” images (already!) of the battery that we would find in the iPhone 16 Pro planned for the start of the 2024 school year.

Leaker Kosutami – again – got his hands on images of the battery which should be included in the next iPhone 16 Pro. In any case, this would be the prototype version currently in development.

New iPhone 16 battery, thermal efficiency objective?

We note in particular that the black aluminum case present since the beginning of the iPhone, would be replaced by a polished metal shell. This change is said to improve the thermal efficiency of the battery without affecting its weight. Details in line with another recent rumor about integrating graphene to also improve heat dissipation.

New iPhone 16 battery, still J-shaped and of approximately equivalent capacity

The image further shows that the battery would adopt the same J-shape as previous models, and that it would have a capacity of 3,355 mAh, a little more than the 3,274 mAh capacity of the iPhone 15 Pro. As a reminder, Apple never communicates on the capacity of its batteries (nor on Ram memory).