Netflix “completely satisfied” with its hunt for free riders

The CEO of Netflix discusses the strategy deployed by the company since last year to limit password sharing.

At the UBS bank's Global Media and Communications conference in early December, the co-CEO of Netflix -Ted Sarandos- was asked about the results of the hunt for password sharing, which has been in place for several years. month (via Variety).

Talk to Ted Sarandos, CEO of Netflix

“We are completely satisfied,” he declared. “We did well to take our time and not do it all at once.” Indeed, tests were first carried out in Latin America in 2022, to be extended to Canada and a few European countries in early 2023, before being deployed everywhere else in the world a few months later. Concretely, the platform has introduced a form of paid sharing with the possibility of adding a member to their Netflix account for an additional sum of money to the basic subscription.

Netflix and password, 180° change of strategy

Previously, for more than a decade, Netflix turned a blind eye to freeloaders even encouraging password sharing, a form of free advertising. But after a wild loss of subscribers at the start of 2022 and increased competition, the company decided to take drastic measures: hunting for sharing of course, but also increasing prices, and introducing a new offer with advertisements...