PlayStation 6: Ray Tracing boosted in sight

Latest leaks on the graphics capabilities of the next generation of PlayStation consoles. Apparently, it will kill.

While a PlayStation 5 Pro should arrive in 2024 or 2025, the next generation -PS6- is already making waves, although it is expected for 2027 at best. Leaker RedGamingTech on YouTube gives us some details on the innards of the future beast.

PS6, Zen 5 CPU + RDNA 4 GPU combined in one APU

We should therefore expect a new Zen 5 CPU (Central Processing Unit), as well as an RDNA 4 GPU (Graphics processing unit), both combined in an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). Knowing that GDDR7 memory will be released next year, we can be assured of its integration in the PS6, i.e. better bandwidth than that of the GDDR6 present in the PS5.

PS6, generative AI on the program

The PlayStation 6 should also have significant capabilities in terms of generative AI, helped by better management of Ray Tracing, and the addition of Path Tracing. The latter technology is more effective than Ray Tracing on well-lit scenes, because it uses more data.