Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, “Best Invention 2023”

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 smartphone is in the list of 200 innovations of the year that “change the way we live”, recently established by Time magazine.

If you follow news, you already know, in its latest issue, Time magazine established its annual list of Best Inventions for 2023, and Samsung finds its place with its Galaxy Z Flip 5 smartphone .

Time speaks

Nominations were made by the magazine's editors and correspondents around the world, evaluating candidates on several factors, including originality, effectiveness, ambition and impact. Samsung's mobile was notably selected for its large 3.4'' (8.63 cm) external screen allowing you to view notifications and other important information, without getting caught up in the vortex of social networks. “Cell phones are designed to be addictive, but sometimes you just want to look at an email without getting caught up in the apps,” says Time. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5's key feature, the "Flex Window", solves this problem. The flip phone has a 3.4-inch external display, alongside its rear-facing lenses, which lets you take a look at important notifications without being drawn inside.