The ultimate action movie arrives in 4K on January 16, and it's from 2011…

Directed by the Welshman Gareth Evans, the Indonesian film The Raid had the effect of a bomb when it was released in 2011. Good news for fans, this ultimate actioner will be entitled to a nice 4K facelift at the start of the next year.

For the moment, this future 4K edition of The Raid (from Sony Pictures) is unfortunately only announced for the USA from January 16, but France should soon follow.

The Infernal Tower of Jakarta

For those who do not know The Raid and its 2014 sequel, The Raid 2), just know, so as not to spoil too much, that it is extremely effective, as gripping as a giant video game full of fight scenes rarely seen in the cinema. Everything takes place in a unity of place and action (so to speak, of course).

The story in two words: in the heart of one of the poorest neighborhoods of Jakarta there is a tower in which the local mafia has taken refuge. An impregnable citadel that a team of elite police officers will have to besiege, floor by floor, in order to dislodge a formidable trafficker.