Nanoleaf 4D Kit, “Best Invention 2023”

The Nanoleaf connected lighting kit to extend the image of your screen is in the list of 200 innovations of the year that “change the way we live”, recently established by Time magazine.

In its latest issue, Time magazine established its annual list of the Best Inventions for 2023, and the Nanoleaf 4D Kit -mentioned several times in our pages- finds its place.

The Phiilps Ambilight concept everywhere in the House

Nominations were made by the magazine's editors and correspondents around the world, evaluating candidates on several factors, including originality, effectiveness, ambition and impact. The Nanoleaf 4D kit is reminiscent of Philips' Ambilight function, namely extending the colors of the content of a TV screen beyond its edges. But that's not all, because the colors captured on the screen can also be reproduced by all the other Nanoleaf lighting in the room (Shapes, Ultra Black Shapes, Lines, Canvas, Light Panels and Essentials), like of a Philips TV configuration + Hue bulbs.