RCS comes to iPhone

In 2024, Apple will (finally) resolve interoperability issues with SMS messages exchanged between iOS and Android smartphones.

Besides the color difference that distinguishes messages from Android and iOS users on the iMessage app (green for Android, blue for iPhone), there is a real problem between the two ecosystems.

RCS at Apple in 2024

Indeed, Apple has always refused to adopt the RCS messaging protocol that all other manufacturers use, thus creating a concern for interoperability between iOS and Android. Concretely, it is for example impossible to exchange videos by SMS between an iPhone and an Android model. If in 2022 the president of Apple -Tim Cook- advised not without humor “buy your mother an iPhone” to solve the problem, it seems that the brand has put water in its wine, and that the RCS standard is arriving finally on iPhone next year.

Apple has its say

“We believe that the RCS Universal Profile will provide a better interoperability experience compared to SMS or MMS,” Apple told Techradar and 9to5mac. It will work alongside iMessage, which will remain the best and most secure messaging experience for Apple users.”