Alienoid, protectors of the future: the cult Korean SF film arrives in 4K Ultra HD

Alienoid, the protectors of the future, the latest big hit at the Korean box office, is finally arriving here. The icing on the cake is that the publisher announces a limited edition 4K Ultra HD release.

Korean cinema is attracting more and more fans. Certainly, this is a very good thing as this cinematography has been in full swing for several years now. Clever video editors are starting to look at what's happening on that side of the globe and are releasing gems like Alienoid, the protectors of the future, a real hit in Korea with 1 million spectators from its release. first week of operation. A sequel has already been announced.

A somewhat crazy postulate…

Imagine a world where extraterrestrial criminals have been imprisoned for centuries in the bodies of innocent people on Earth, such is the somewhat crazy premise of the film Alienoid, Protectors of the Future. Choi Dong-hoon's film will therefore benefit from a superb limited edition 4K Ultra HD edition available from February 29 from Condor. Reservations are already open.