Timothy Olyphant (Justified) joins the cast of the Alien series

It's official, Timothy Olyphant is joining the cast of the Alien prequel series, currently in production.

Although we don't yet know all the details regarding the character he will play in the series, the hero of Justified is expected to play the main role of a "synthetic" named Kirsch, who acts as a mentor and trainer for the character of Wendy played by Sydney Chandler, a meta-human with the brain and consciousness of a child in the body of an adult.

The story is set approximately 70 years in the future, several decades before the events of the original 1979 film, and roughly the same time period as Prometheus (also a prequel to Alien, are you still following?) , and would be the first story in the entire franchise to take place primarily on Earth.

Ridley Scott co-producer of the Alien prequel series

Filming began in Thailand last July and continued for more than a month with actors affiliated to the British Equity union, which was therefore not affected by the American strike led by the Sag-Aftra union.

With the actors' strike over, production is expected to resume at the very beginning of 2024. All scripts for the series were completed before the strike broke out. Ridley Scott is co-producer of the series. Source: