Apple Vs Europe, to the rescue of the App Store

To protect the “monopoly” of its App Store on iPhone, Apple files legal action against European authorities.

A little reminder of the situation, in 2024 the Apple company is supposed to give in to new European legislation, allowing the installation of third-party application stores on iPhone and other iOS devices, where only the official App Store was authorized and this, since its debut on the iPhone.

Apple against Europe and its DMA

Named Digital Markets Act (DMA), this “legislation on digital markets” will allow the installation of alternative stores on iPhone, but also sideloading, that is to say the downloading of applications directly from Internet. The DMA particularly targets large tech firms, notably Apple, and the company apparently does not intend to comply easily with the new law. Indeed, on November 17, Apple filed a legal challenge against the DMA, following in the footsteps of Meta (Facebook) and Bytedance (TikTok) who did the same.

Apple has its say

The details of this appeal have not been published, but we suspect that Apple is not delighted with the idea of opening its system to just anyone. “We remain very concerned about the privacy and data security risks that DMA poses for our users,” Apple told Bloomberg. Not to mention the shortfall in the percentage that the company receives from applications sold on its App Store… Source: Reuters