iPhone components, one day 100% Apple?

In order to no longer depend on its suppliers, Apple seeks to produce as many in-house components as possible.

Bionic processors for the iPhone or more recently the M series chips for Mac computers, Apple seems to want to produce more and more of its own components for its devices, rather than depending on third-party suppliers.

5G modem, blood glucose sensor, Micro LED…

We know, for example, that the company has been developing its own 5G iPhone modem for a while now, in order to no longer source from Qualcomm. Let's also mention the Apple Watch blood glucose meter that has been planned for more than ten years, even more powerful batteries (still in the experimental stage), the famous Micro LED screens, and even a processor including both Wi-Fi and Fi and Bluetooth.

Soon Apple photo sensors?

And according to the latest indiscretions collected by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, that's not all since Apple is also seeking to produce its own photo sensors, today supplied by Sony. Cameras made by Apple would improve the next models of Apple Vision Pro and even the Arlesian Apple Car.