3 essential films are finally arriving on Blu-Ray

Until now, neither Balance Mom Off the Train, nor The Lords of Harlem and even less Zero Tolerance had been entitled to a Blu-Ray release. Fortunately, the publisher BQHL has decided to repair this affront to cinephiles!

On paper, there are very few points in common between Balance Mom Off the Train, the first film directed by Danny DeVito with himself and Billy Crystal, The Lords of Harlem, the detective fresco by Bill Duke, and the action film Zero Tolerance, a remake of Savage Justice (1973) with Dwayne Johnson.

Strangely, these three films, although not devoid of certain qualities, had until now never been released on Blu- Ray. It will therefore be done, as of November 25, at BQHL.

Three gems from the attic never before seen on Blu-Ray

Just before The Wars of the Roses, Danny DeVito directed in 1987 Throw Mom Off the Train, a beautiful comedy homage to Alfred Hitchcock's Stranger on the North Express, which you must at least have seen if only for the complicity between its two main actors. A must for 80's comedies!

Zero Tolerance is a 2004 action film directed by Kevin Bray with Cobie Smulders and Dwayne Johnson. A clever remake of the first part of the Savage Justice trilogy, partly inspired by the true story of ex-wrestler turned sheriff Buford Pusser. Finally, The Lords of Harlem, is a detective fresco directed by Bill Duke with an impressive cast including Laurence Fishburne, Queen Latifah, Andy Garcia and Tim Roth. It immerses us in the Harlem of the 1930s, rarely exploited in cinema.