The Crown version JFK for Netflix

After the English royal family and The Crown, it is therefore another equally emblematic family that Netflix is interested in by developing a new series devoted to the Kennedys.

According to Variety, the series will mainly focus on the duo John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his wife Jackie, a legendary couple if ever there was one in the 60s. The authors of the series should be based on a recent two-volume biography written by Fredrik Logevall, JFK: Coming of Age in the American Century.

Like the series The Crown, all the ingredients of a popular drama series are contained in the story of the Kennedys, from glamor to flammable politics with the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam War, the tension with the USSR and the sulphurous personal life led by the American president with his numerous conquests, including the iconic Marilyn Monroe. And finally the tragic fate with his assassination on November 22, 1963 on Elm Street in Dallas (sad anniversary today), immortalized in the 26-second amateur film shot by Abraham Zapruder, spectator of the drama that day.

JFK, America splashed

A document on single film which contradicts the official thesis and will profoundly mark the American seventh art of the 70s (the complete version of the Zapruder film was only made public in 1969), as the film historian Jean-Baptiste Thoret in his essay 26 Seconds, America Splashed (Editions Rouge Profound, 2003), in which he explains how Zapruder's film was "matrix" and disrupted the codes of Hollywood cinema of the time, and continues to this day.