How many hours of work for an internet subscription?

From one country to another, the standard of living allows for more or less good internet access (in every sense of the word). What about France?

The Surfshark site has established its Digital Quality of Life Index (DQL) for 2023, or the digital quality of life index for a total of 121 countries, or 92% of the world's population.

Digital Quality of Life Index, global ranking of “digital well-being”

Concretely, it is a global ranking of “digital well-being” based on five factors: the price of the Internet, the quality of the Internet, electronic infrastructure, electronic security, and the availability of state digital services. And while we congratulate France for its first place in this ranking, it is not at the top if we focus solely on the price.

Internet subscription, from 18 minutes of work to 40 hours depending on the country

The Statista site has in fact focused on the accessibility of a broadband subscription based on the level of the average salary in each country, and the differences remain glaring. For example, to pay for an internet subscription in Mali, you have to work 40 hours (i.e. a working week), whereas it only takes 18 minutes in Romania, the best student in the ranking. Below you will find a selection of several countries based on this factor, knowing that France is not doing too badly since you only need to work 54 minutes there to pay for a monthly broadband subscription.