Motorized quadruped: the car soon to become obsolete?

The AT-ATs, giant quadruped vehicles from the opening scene of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, have an ancestor. Here it is before your amazed eyes.

Developed by Sansei Technologies and presented at the recent Japan Mobility Show, the SR-02 is a quadruped vehicle capable of carrying up to four passengers. We're still a long way from the impressive futuristic war machines of Star Wars, but we have to start somewhere.

Soon in testing at Disney?

And if you were thinking that such a device was designed to navigate difficult terrain and rescue people in inaccessible areas, lower your hopes since Sansei Technologies specializes in attractions for parks like Disneyland.

The SR-02 will therefore make its debut in this type of amusement place, pilotable as is or controlled remotely. Hoping the technology evolves to expand into more practical applications.