Titanium in sight for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Often in the wake of Apple, Samsung could copy a key feature of the recent iPhone 15 Pro for its Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone, the presentation of which is scheduled for early 2024.

This is not the first time that this rumor has reached our ears, but it is starting to become more serious.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, titanium frame up to five times more expensive…

According to Korean media The Elec, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone expected in early 2024 will have a titanium frame, a classy feature recently appeared on the iPhone 15 Pro. The S24 and S24+ models would not be affected and would therefore retain the usual aluminum frame. The titanium alloy is apparently designed by a Chinese company called Solomon, and 15 million of these frames are expected to be produced. The Elec specifies that this new product costs four to five times more to produce than the current aluminum frame.

We learn in passing that Samsung has been researching the use of titanium material for about two years, but it was only recently that the company decided to integrate it into its smartphones.