Sony Access PS5 controller, “Best Invention 2023”

Designed for players with motor disabilities, the PS5 Access Controller is in the list of 200 innovations of the year that “change the way we live”, recently established by Time magazine.

In its latest issue, Time magazine established its annual list of Best Inventions for 2023. Nominations were made by the magazine's editors and correspondents around the world, evaluating the candidates on several factors, including originality, effectiveness , ambition and impact.

Access PS5 controller, 100% modular solution

Already mentioned in our pages, the Access PS5 controller is part of this list. Elegant and modular solution to meet the needs of players with motor disabilities, designed with accessibility experts, the controller is presented as a modular circular kit on which you can interchange buttons, triggers and joysticks, in addition to adjusting their sensitivity, in order to be able to play “more easily, more comfortably, and for longer periods”. Last clarification, the Access Controller can of course be associated with another Access Controller or a DualSense controller.

Availability scheduled for December 6. Indicative price: 89.99 euros.