He built a CyberTruck… out of wood

While Tesla's CyberTruck is (finally) about to arrive, some didn't wait and have already built their own version.

Announced in 2019, Tesla's CyberTruck has fallen behind schedule, motivating some to build their own version like this €1,000 Russian model in 2021, and more recently this magnificent all-wood edition.

Specializing in the production of functional wooden vehicles, it was the ingenious Vietnamese handyman from the YouTube channel Woodworking Art who designed this incredible Tesla in 100 days, proving once again (remember the wooden PlayStation ) that this natural material is a source of miracles in talented hands.

Touch wood while driving a CyberTruck

Based on a metal chassis, the wooden CyberTruck (even the seats!) is equipped with opening doors, an engine, brakes, batteries and even stylish lighting. What's more, the handyman bought a mini CyberQuad for his son, so he can hit the roads with the family in style. The video below details the manufacturing process and also shows the machines in action.