Hisense 65U8KQ review, 4K Ultra HD Mini LED TV, online

After a notable entry into the French TV market in 2015 with the 65XT910 television, with Full LED Local Dimming, the manufacturer Hisense had marked time in Europe with its TV series, no longer busy implementing a volume policy than focusing on innovation. Change of course in 2023 with an ambitious TV range incorporating a number of recent technologies, led by the Mini LED backlighting system.

Until now, innovation at Hisense was mainly driven by the Laser TV range, particularly with the democratization of TriChroma (triple laser) technology. In 2023, the Asian manufacturer has decided to once again enter the TV market with a range aimed significantly higher. The announcements from the IFA show in Berlin which took place at the beginning of last September, with for example the Hisense 100U7KQ (100'', 254 cm), the largest Mini LED TV marketed, point in this direction.

TV Hisense 65U8KQ, technological showcase of the group

More generally, Hisense, which until now was present on all display technologies, has decided to abandon Oled technology and focus on the Mini LED process. The latter, capable of effectively competing with the self-emissive technology of organic diodes, can easily be available in very large diagonals at prices, certainly expensive, but still reasonable. As proof, the Hisense U8KQ series which illustrates the brand's ambitions in the field.

Our ultra-complete test bench of the latest Hisense can be discovered immediately by clicking on the following link: Hisense 65U8KQ.