Imminent release for PlayStation Portal (and Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore)

Sony announces release dates for the PlayStation Portal streaming device as well as the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore headsets.

Announced last August, the PlayStation Portal “remote reading device” finally has a release date, and it will be November 15, 2023, with reservations already open (indicative price 219.99 euros).

News PlayStation Portal, Pulse Explore and Puse Elite

In passing, Sony also announces the release dates for its new audio accessories under the PlayStation banner, the True Wireless Pulse Explore headphones and the Pulse Elite headset. Reservations will be open on November 9 for both products, and delivery will take place from December 6 for the Pulse Explore (indicative price: €219.99), and from February 21 for the Pulse Elite (indicative price: €149). .99 €).

PlayStation Portal, main specifications

As a reminder, PlayStation Portal is equipped with an 8'' (20.32 cm) 1080p 60 Hz LCD screen and controllers using the functions of the PS5, in order to stream content from your PlayStation 5 via Wi-Fi The headsets and headphones are optimized for the gaming experience and offer minimal latency thanks to the new PlayStation Link technology.