LG Signature Oled M TV, “Best Invention 2023”

The LG Signature Oled M television is in the list of 200 innovations of the year that “change the way we live”, established by Time magazine.

In its latest issue, Time magazine established its annual list of Best Inventions for 2023, and LG finds its place with its LG Signature Oled M television.

LG M3 Oled TV with Ultra HD 4K 120 Hz wireless box

Nominations were made by the magazine's editors and correspondents around the world, evaluating candidates on several factors, including originality, effectiveness, ambition and impact. The LG Signature Oled M is the first 4K 120 Hz Ultra HD television equipped with wireless connectivity, available in 97'' (246 cm), 83'' (211 cm) and 77'' (196 cm), launched in the USA last August. It has the particularity of being accompanied by a “Zero Connect Box” which is responsible for wirelessly transmitting the audio and video signals from the connected devices to the television. Result: an uncluttered screen for a more pleasant viewing space.

Panasonic Z1 plasma TV with wireless box already in 2009…

If, literally, the LG Signature Oled M TV is indeed the first television of its kind equipped with a wireless UHD 4K 120 Hz box, the concept is far from innovative. Indeed, Panasonic presented the Panasonic Z1 plasma television in 2009 with the Wireless HD standard, in 1080p/60 at the time it is true.…