Lenovo smartphone that can be wrapped around the wrist, and why not…

Lenovo presents (once again) a concept of a smartphone so flexible that it can wrap around the wrist. Practical ?

At the recent Tech World 2023 event, Lenovo presented its flexible smartphone concept, which we had already seen at Tech World 2016. This more advanced version retains similar properties, namely deforming to the point that 'it can be wrapped around the wrist.

A smartphone on the wrist

In its "normal" deployment, the smartphone is a 6.9'' (17.5 cm) Android model, everything is normal, except for a padded fabric back. A feature which makes contact more pleasant when the device is completely wrapped around a wrist, then serving as a slightly shameful but technically outstanding Smartwatch. The smartphone can also be folded into intermediate positions, for example being able to be placed on a flat surface with a portion of the screen visible (4.6'' then), like a bedside clock.

Lenovo has its say

“This new concept device uses an FHD+ pOled display that can be folded and shaped into different shapes depending on user needs,” Lenovo explains. This adaptive screen concept builds on innovations in the screens and mechanics of our foldable and rollable devices, both in the smartphone and PC categories.