Titan Pro and Titan Edge, new iPhone 15 cases from AmathingThing

New magnetic cases to protect the magnificent titanium frame (and the rest) of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, there are many. But those from AmathingThing, the Titan Pro and Titan Edg, caught our eye.

Amazing Things presents its latest cases for iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max named Titan Pro and Titan Edge.

AmazingThingTitan Pro and Titan Edge cases, resistant to time

The two models are distinguished above all by their color (blue, gray or white) but also by their transparency allowing you to always benefit from the superb design of the new iPhone 15 series. In addition, the manufacturer specifies that the material of the protective cases Titan Pro and Titan Edge resist over time the problems of discoloration and opacity experienced on many cases on the market. Then, AmathingThing highlights the solidity of its hulls. The one called Titan Pro is capable of withstanding a fall of 2 m, while the Titan Edge resists a fall of 3.5 meters.

AmazingThingTitan Pro and Titan Edge cases, ergonomic and functional

Both shells are magnetic, with a very high promised force, displayed at 13 newtons, guaranteeing a robust connection. Thus, the manufacturer is also offering a new range of magnetic accessories, compatible with the new cases, including a wallet set, a set of grip rings and a support (see photo below). Of course, the careful design of the Titan Pro and Titan Edge cases ensures their precise fit to Apple's latest products, with easy access to buttons, photo/video sensors and connector.

Immediate availability. Indicative prices: €29.95 for the AmazingThing Titan Edge or AmazingThing Titan Edge case.