Netflix finally updates its Apple TV app

Little by little, Netflix is deigning to improve the interface of its Apple TV application, until now almost abandoned.

We know it's not the great love between Apple and Netflix. Indeed, Apple takes 15% to 30% of transactions carried out on its applications, notably subscriptions to streaming services, and Netflix doesn't like that.

Netflix application on Apple TV left until now abandoned…

As a result, the platform had stopped allowing subscriptions via this application, and had even left it almost abandoned by limiting updates to improve the interface, not to mention the lack of AirPlay compatibility. In short, Netflix on Apple TV was clearly worse than on other media players (Android type) and Smart TV.

Netflix, Firmware update 2.9.0 on Apple TV

But the climate has improved recently, and after the significant 2.3.0 update last March, Netflix recently released 2.9.0, completely refreshing the interface of its service on Apple TV. In other words, Netflix on Apple TV is coming out of the Stone Age a bit and aligning itself with the look we know elsewhere, even if there is still some progress to be made.