HomePod with screen, “leaked” image

Additional proof that Apple is working on an evolution of its HomePod connected speaker with the new feature of a screen at the top?

This is not the first time that rumors have circulated about a new HomePod in development at Apple, with the particularity of integrating a screen. A rumor recently confirmed by prototype collector KosutamiSan, who published an image of the unfinished device on X (below).

Homepod with circular LCD screen at the top

The photo was submitted to the sources of the site 9to5mac, confirming the authenticity of the product. We can see a circular touchscreen LCD screen at the top, displaying a testing application used internally by Apple. This ring allows users to activate Siri, adjust the volume, control playback, or turn off an alarm.

Homepod with LCD screen presented in spring 2024?

During music playback, the screen displays colorful patterns based on the album cover. It will also alert the user in case of a phone call. This new HomePod could be presented in spring 2024, alongside three new iPads.