The secret Apple doesn't want you to know...

In Apple Stores, iPhones and other demonstration devices are always clean as if they were new... But how is this possible?

Excuse us for the catchy title, but admit that is not in the habit of doing “clickbait”. All this to tell you that the secret mentioned in the title of this news does not concern a new equipment or service from the Apple firm but a product used in its stores and which will delight lovers of cleanliness.

Apple uses Whoosh


A few months ago, the YouTube channel The Shopping Expert wondered how the devices on display in Apple Stores always looked so clean, especially after being touched by thousands of customers with their big, greasy fingers. The secret is called Whoosh! (available on Amazon) and it is an odorless and non-toxic product used by employees in these stores. This liquid for screens is particularly effective against dust, marks, and other unsightly manifestations. In addition, it disinfects the screen because frankly, it's better not to know where all those fingers have been before touching the poor demo iPhones.