iPhone 16 Pro Max, still a concept

While the iPhone 15 range has just been released, artists' imaginations are already overflowing to visualize what the iPhone 16 of 2024 would look like.

The Technizo Concept YouTube channel, which loves putting screens where you don't expect them, has once again created an interesting iPhone 16 Pro Max concept. After the additional screen on the edge of the device, the artist returns to his first love (remember this iPhone 15 Ultra concept) with a small screen on the back of the device near the photo module.

Additional screen, additional price…

Definitely an obsession, because even if there is room to put a screen in this place on the surface of the device, we can imagine that its concrete implementation is not that simple. And if such a feature were to come to fruition, imagine the price increase it would cause. A state of affairs that would not frighten Apple, nor its biggest fans, you might say.