CyberBière or CyberTruck: drink or drive, you have to choose

We're not exactly kidding at Tesla, with this new collector's pack going out of stock very quickly: two bottles of CyberBière, with their CyberChopes of course.

As Tesla's vehicle of the future - the Cybertruck - hits the market in a few months, customers can't wait any longer and are willing to buy anything to quench their thirst for the angular retro-future. An assumption, of course, formulated by us, to justify the release of completely wacky products from Tesla.

CyberBeer and CyberChopes signed Tesla

In line with the “cyber” cardboard cat litter that we presented some time ago, here comes the “CyberBière”. Don't laugh, April 1st is still a long way off, and this magnificent collector's pack ($150 anyway) which is already out of stock contains not one but two 330 ml CyberBeers, accompanied by two CyberChopes of course. And for the recipe, know that the beverage is a Helles Lager with noble European Saaz and Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops. All accented by notes of herbs and spices, including aromas of tea and citrus.