Samsung Galaxy S26 Ultra, rumor of a 432 Mpxls sensor?

The race for megapixels for smartphone photo sensors is not about to stop, and the Korean manufacturer Samsung is well on its way to taking the lead in 2026.

In summer 2022, Samsung registered the HexaPixel brand, suggesting that the manufacturer was developing technology to bring together the pixels of a photo sensor in groups of 36 (squares of 6 x 6 pixels, hexa meaning six). Generating a 12 Mpxls image with this method would then require a huge 432 Mpxls sensor, a specimen recently confirmed by another rumor.

Samsung Isocell HW1 and Isocell HW2, 432 megapixels on the clock

Leaker Revegnus recently claimed that Samsung is developing new Isocell HW sensors with a generous size, around 1'' (2.54 cm). The HW1 offers a resolution of 432 Mpxls for a 1/1.05" sensor and 0.56 micrometer pixels. The HW2 also has a resolution of 432 Mpxls for a 1/1.07" sensor and 0.56 micrometer pixels. ,5 micrometers.

Samsung 432 Mpxls sensor in 2026?

The latest news is that the Galaxy Fold 6 will still use a 50 Mpxls GN3 sensor (the same as the Fold 5), and the Galaxy Fold 7 from 2025 will move to a 200 Mpxls Isocell HP5 sensor. We will therefore have to wait until at least 2026 to see this new 432 Mpxls sensor appear, perhaps on the Galaxy S26 Ultra.