PS5 Slim with removable 4K Ultra HD player, updated indicative price and accessories

Return to our news published two days ago on the new PS5 Slim (see our news (UPDATE) New PS5 with removable 4K Ultra HD player, official) for, in addition to a price change for the 4K player Ultra HD Blu-Ray sold alone, additional information on the accessories of this new console.

The indicative price of the 4K Ultra HD optical drive, intended to “transform” a PS5 Digital Edition and PS5 Standard Edition console, is therefore set at €119.99 and not €99.99, as initially announced.

PS5 Slim, new accessories

Similarly, Sony specifies that a horizontal support will be included in the new PS5 models. The new vertical support mentioned in our previous news on the PS5 Sim, also compatible with the original PS5s, and priced at €29.99 is still available. Another clarification provided by Sony, new facade colors are planned for early 2024: matte black, volcanic red, cobalt blue and silver. Additional colors are announced by the manufacturer for later.

PS5 Slim, the leaks on the internet were true

For the rest, once again, the “leaked” images on the internet of the new PS5 in August were the good ones. The design of the new PlayStation 5, announced by Sony a few minutes ago, is in fact consistent with that published in our previous news about it (see our PS5 Slim news, “leaked” image?).

New PS5, more compact, lighter and 1TB SSD

As expected, the new PS5 is less bulky than the original model (L x H x D: 358 × 96 × 216 mm), -30% in volume, -18% to -24% in weight depending on the model, Standard Edition or Digital Edition (3.2 kg and 2.6 kg respectively).

If the first still includes a 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray optical drive, on the second, it is therefore possible to subsequently add the player sold alone. Another development, the SSD hard drive now has a capacity of 1 TB (1,000 GB) compared to 825 GB currently. Finally, the cheeks of the new PS5 are now made up of four distinct parts, each removable. Sony specifies that once stocks of current PS5s are gone, only the new model will be available in stores.

Availability expected in November in the United States, in the rest of the world in the following weeks. Indicative prices: €549.99 for the PS5 Standard Edition (with 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player), €449.99 for the PS5 Standard Edition.

UPDATE: the price of the 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player, initially announced at €99.99, has been changed to €119.99.