iPhone 16 Flip, foldable concept in video

To stimulate the imagination, here is a new 3D extrapolation of what the first iPhone with a foldable screen will perhaps be.

The artists' concepts follow one another and are often similar. Here is the latest signed by the YouTube channel Technizo Concept, which we often find in our pages via its realistic and inspired designs (for example, the PlayStation 5 Pro).

iPhone 16 Flip, flip smartphone

In this video, you can admire a foldable screen iPhone with a flip design like Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip. Named iPhone iPhone 16 Flip, it uses the straight edges inaugurated by the iPhone 12 range and has a double photo sensor at the back, under which there is a small additional screen allowing you to check the time and notifications when the device is folded. Also note the brushed titanium edges like iPhone 15 Pro as well as the new USB port.

iPhone 16 Flip with Dynamic Island functionality

Once unfolded, the device looks like a normal iPhone, even including the black oval for the Dynamic Island of the selfie camera. According to the latest rumors, an iPhone of this kind will only see the light of day when Apple is satisfied with the reliability of foldable screens. Not for tomorrow then.