Jony Ive (ex-Apple) and OpenAI (chatGPT) on a secret project?

Jonathan Ive aka Jony Ive, a key designer previously at Apple, is reportedly working on an “AI” device that could compete with the iPhone.

Iconic devices -iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch- or even the iOS7 software overhaul in 2013, industrial designer Jony Ive has been an essential pillar of Apple since 1997. He then left the company in 2019 to form his own design company -LoveFrom- and work for multiple clients.

New AI device competing with the iPhone?

According to The Information site (via Apple Insider) Jony Ive is currently talking with Sam Altman - CEO of OpenAI, to whom we owe ChatGPT - about a new device integrated into this new era of artificial intelligence ( AI). No further details were released, but it's interesting to know that Altman is one of the biggest investors in Humane, a start-up founded by Apple alumni. In particular, it is developing a “wearable” device based on AI (see photo), designed to replace smartphones, just that.

An opportunity for Jony Ive to do even better than the iPhone?