Silent Night trailer, immediate “Woo” effect

First trailer for Silent Night by John Woo, which returns to the USA after many years of absence.

Silent Night has the particularity of containing no dialogue, and the wow effect is already striking in the time of a short trailer. Obviously, the music plays an essential role and the actors tend to support their performance. For the rest, we immediately recognize the signature of the director of Volte-Face and the themes that are dear to him: car chases, motorcycle chases, gunfights. galore, all filmed with rare virtuosity.

Silent Night, the great return of John Woo

The official synopsis states: "Godlock (Joel Kinnaman) is on a mission to avenge his young son who was tragically killed during a gang war on Christmas Eve." Kid Cudi, Harold Torres and Catalina Sandino Moren complete the cast, which will be released in theaters in the USA on December 1st. For the moment, Silent Night does not have a release date in France. In any case, the return of the director of Mission Impossible 2 and Volte/Face looks pretty good. He had not toured the USA since Paycheck in 2003 and returned to China to direct major historical productions.