Apple car stalled?

Some disappointing news from the Apple electric car project, which hasn't been talked about much lately...

The latest rumors about Apple's future electric car (or "Apple Car") date back to the end of last year, when we reported that the project had been scaled back: while it was initially a question of a completely autonomous car, without even a steering wheel or pedals, the final model should ultimately at the time resemble more the electric cars that we come across on our roads.

AppleCar project: impossible without a partner specializing in the automotive market?

The latest news is even less optimistic. Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo specifies that the development of the Apple Car seems to have lost all “visibility” for the moment. He adds that Apple will have difficulty starting large-scale production if the company does not adopt a strategy of acquiring competent companies on the subject to penetrate the automobile market.

Apple Car project: divergence of views within Apple

Other rumors report internal dissension over the direction the project is taking and its initial goal. While Apple was on its way to test the vehicle in 2025 for sale in 2026, it seems that we will have to wait longer, especially since the company has recently refocused on the Vision Pro headset.