Minority Report-style augmented reality, fascinating demo

This AR user interface demo (augmented reality, with headset) draws the contours of a more technological future, certainly, but also quite organic.

Not many of us have already put on an augmented reality headset like the Quest Pro from Meta (from €1,199.99) or the Apple Vision Pro (on sale next year in the USA), but this kind of demo video gives an idea of the advances in human-machine interactions that could become more widely available in the day after tomorrow.

We recall in passing that AR allows information of all kinds to be superimposed on real images of our environment. The only requirements: via a smartphone or wearing a helmet for the moment, perhaps one day a simple lens, or even an implant…

Like a little air of…

The video below shows manual user interactions on a simple white worktop with in-flight/3D space sliders, surface touch gestures, and a 3D magnifying glass effect. A virtual universe placed on the real world which is once again reminiscent of a certain Steven Spielberg film, Minority Report. Fascinating.