New Xbox Series (video)

Artist's vision of the new Xbox of 2024, based on the latest leaks.

As part of the investigation into the acquisition of Activision/Blizzard by Microsoft, recently “leaked” documents revealed details about an improved version of the Xbox Series X, which will likely be released at the end of next year .

Xbox Series X “Refresh” concept signed by designer Jermaine Smit

It didn't take long for designer Jermaine Smit from the Concept Creator channel to imagine a 3D representation of the console and its controller, faithfully inspired by said documents. The console thus sports a tubular design, and the controller is distinguished by its two-tone color.

Xbox Series X “Refresh” smelly specs

As a reminder, rumors announce that this Xbox Series It would be compatible with Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2 and the processor will be engraved in 6 nm for “increased efficiency”. The power of the power supply would drop by 15%. Finally, the price should be the same as that of the original console at launch.