One day Microsoft will buy Nintendo

A “leaked” document shows the extent to which video game giant Microsoft intends to acquire other video game giant Nintendo.

Still within the framework of the FTC (American Federal Trade Commission) investigation into the acquisition of Activision/Blizzard by Microsoft, a new document gives interesting details on Microsoft's buying fever, this time with- this is Nintendo in the viewfinder.

Nintendo protected from a takeover thanks to its cash flow

In an email to two other pundits from 2020, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer explains how a Nintendo buyout would be a boon for Microsoft. He claims to have had several conversations with Nintendo's management team about closer collaboration, and adds that Microsoft is the American company that would have the best chance of buying - or at least merging with - the giant. Japanese. But still according to Spencer, one of the biggest obstacles to this acquisition is the pile of cash on which Nintendo rests. The company is far from being in need, and its management committee is historically not the type to want to take risks on the market or the stock market.

A word to Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox

Spencer clearly respects Nintendo, and thinks it would not be a good idea to attempt a hostile acquisition: "One day getting Nintendo would be a key moment in my career and I truly believe it would be a good decision for both companies, Spencer explains. It just takes Nintendo a long time to realize that their future lies outside of their own consoles. A lot of time ".