iPhone 15, first Qi2 smartphone, but not quite

The new Qi2 wireless charging standard is integrated into the iPhone 15, but is not yet usable.

If the iPhone 15s are the very first smartphones equipped with the new Qi2 wireless charging format, they cannot use it since they are not Qi2 certified. Weird you might say, but actually no since the specifications of the standard themselves still need to be tested, even if they have been finalized.

A word to Paul Golden from the Wireless Power Consortium

“We are waiting for the certification test equipment to be delivered, tested and verified,” Paul Golden of the Wireless Power Consortium told The Verge. And to add that the official launch is planned for November. As a reminder, the Qi2 integrates the technologies introduced by Apple in its proprietary MagSafe format, including magnetic alignment for optimized charging and device authentication. The idea behind this initiative is to simplify interoperability between chargers and devices to stop wondering whether or not a particular charger is compatible with a particular smartphone, tablet or other.

In addition, the Qi2 protocol will avoid the borders of capacity between chargers and devices, where previously some chargers limited charging power based on the brand of product they were connected to.