USB-C on iPhone and AirPods: ups and downs

The arrival of USB-C on iPhone opens up new possibilities, for example using your smartphone as an external battery for other Apple accessories.

Forced by the European Union to abandon its Lightning format for the USB-C standard, Apple did not do things by halves, even if the manufacturer still retains its little protectionist tendencies.

USB-C Apple, for…

For example on the positive side, USB now allows the iPhone 15 to charge accessories like the Apple Watch or AirPods, a function previously impossible with Lightning. A possibility that makes sense since USB-C Mac computers have been able to charge Apple mobile products for a long time. A habit that we will now be able to get into with the iPhone. Practical when you are far from home and without electricity nearby.

USB-C Apple, on the other hand…

But let's also mention the dark side, like the inability to buy a USB charging case for the AirPods Pro 2 that you already own. If you want to switch to USB for your headphones, you will have to get the “new” AirPods Pro 2 accompanied by the updated case. A little disappointing when you know that these headphones are almost identical to the previous version, only adding dust resistance and a few additional tip sizes.