Parliament season 3, September 29 on the France.TV platform (free)

Our favorite French series Parliament returns for a season 3, it's official. As a reminder, it is only broadcast on the France.TV platform and on France 5.

You're welcome, we got attached to Samy (Xavier Lacaille), this somewhat lunar parliamentary assistant who went from candid to mega cunning in less than two seasons (see Parliament season 1 and season 2). An acidic and funny dive into the heart of the European Parliament, a place of all powers but also of counter-powers - oh surprise - not always very keen on ethics...

The official pitch for season 3 specifies: “Samy has climbed the hierarchical ladder of Parliament to become a political advisor and has the perfect romance with Rose, who is destined for a (perilous) career as a freelance journalist. As for Michel, he sees his mandate as president coming to an end. If the German pressure to occupy the presidency becomes more and more pressing, Martin is keen to protect his French friend.”

Parlement, an extraordinary French series free for spectators

Imagined by Noé Debré (Dheepan, Problemos, Le Brio, Le monde est à toi) and filmed in the real European Parliament in Strasbourg, Parlement (or Parliament abroad) therefore returns for a third period on September 29 on the France.TV platform. And you know what, it's free.