A series in preparation around Tony Parker

The 41-year-old ex-basketball player Tony Parker will be entitled to an 8-episode series around his life and his sporting career.

The former number 9 of the Spurs, Tony Parker, may have left the basketball court since 2019, but he still remains a living legend of a sport to which he gave everything.

After the sport, business

Now a businessman and, among other things, shareholder of an audiovisual production company (Infinity Nine), Tony Parker has just joined forces with Jean-Marie Antonin's company (C4 Productions, already behind series like The torch or Sentinel) to produce a fictional mini-series of 8 episodes recounting his life and his sporting journey until his consecration in the NBA.

The one and only No. 9 of the Spurs

Recall that TP (the nickname of Tony Parker) saw his No. 9 jersey retired in November 2019 by the San Antonio Spurs in tribute to his successes during the seventeen years spent with the club. A consecration reserved for a few exceptional players.

This is not the first time that Tony Parker will look back on an incredible destiny. The first French basketball player to have conquered America had in fact released his autobiography under the title Beyond all my dreams, in 2019, by Solar. We can bet that this will certainly be one of the main sources of inspiration for Anne Ricaud, screenwriter of this future series, the broadcaster of which we do not yet know…