First trailer The Killer by David Fincher: big slap

Netflix has just revealed the first trailer for The Killer, David Fincher's next feature film which already sounds like a return to basics.

An alternation of scenes where the killer waits while waiting for his target and scenes of murder, chases and shootouts. Very heavy, perfectly filmed and set to music by the duo Trent Reznor and Attcus Ross (The Social Network, Gone Girl). And already iconic shots like these two attached hands which open like a flower.

Fincher's new Seven?

This first trailer for the next Fincher gives a glimpse of a powerful, twisted and totally magnetic film where we immediately recognize the signature of the director of Seven, Fight Club, The Game and Gone Girl. Immersed in an atmospheric, icy Paris far from the usual clichés, the film's killer seems as methodical as he is completely crazy.

David Fincher visibly returns to his favorite themes: anxiety, madness, paranoia and the control freak. We also recognize the hand of Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven, Fight Club) who co-wrote the screenplay with Fincher.

On Neflix November 10

The Killer will also mark the return to the forefront of Michael Fassbender, who has been absent from the screens for four years. He looks incredible as this relentless assassin who gradually begins to develop a conscience between Good and Evil... The film is due to have its world premiere in Venice, before releasing in a few scenes and landing finally on Netflix on November 10. We're already looking forward to it.