MyTF1 on Philips Smart TV

The MyTF1 video service is coming to the new version of the Philips Smart TV platform.

TP Vision, in charge of the design, manufacture, sale and marketing of Philips TV & Audio products, is joining forces with TF1 to announce the arrival of the MyTF1 video service on the new version of the Philips Smart TV platform (2022 and 2023). This is one of the first applications to take advantage of this platform.

MyTF1/MyTF1 MAx, késako?

Owners of such a television can already enjoy 5,000 hours of on-demand content (+100 films, Fast Alert channels in Malibu, Under the Sun, The Unknowns…, Naruto manga, Detective Conan… , Mad Men, The Tudors, RIS Police Scientifique series, etc.). And by subscribing to the MyTF1 Max offer (€4.99/month), they will have direct access to five channels (TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films and LCI), previews 48 hours in advance on current and upcoming daily series and replays for 30 days. All ad-free and in HD quality. From September 8, they will also benefit from the best matches of the Rugby World Cup, live, plus personalized video summaries of the matches via the Top Chrono function.

The word to Jean-Yves Fabre-Darcourt, CEO of TP Vision France

"We are happy to be able to partner with a leading media group such as the TF1 Group, it is proof of the credibility of the Philips Smart TV platform, which we continue to develop so that it becomes the simplest, fastest and most intuitive there is, says Jean-Yves Fabre-Darcourt, Managing Director of TP Vision France. Thanks to this partnership, we can offer our users an improved and more enjoyable television experience based on premium content from MYTF1”.

The word to Claire Basini, CEO of B2C activities of the TF1 Group

“The challenges of development and accessibility of MYTF1 are at the heart of our digital acceleration strategy,” adds Claire Basini, CEO of B2C activities for the TF1 Group. We look forward to bringing our premium platform and programs to all Philips Smart TV users.”