PlayStation Portal, the portable console that is not one

Official announcement of Sony's "Remote Playback Device", which will be released by us before the end of the year for less than 220 euros.

First rumored and later confirmed by Sony, the Poject Q becomes PlayStation Portal, a portable console that isn't really one, and is even officially described in all sincerity as a “Remote Play Device”.

PlayStation Portal in Wi-Fi link with your PS5

Indeed, PlayStation Portal with its 8'' (20.32 cm) 1080p 60 fps LCD screen and its controllers using the functions of the PS5, allows you to stream content from your PlayStation 5 via Wi-Fi. -Fi nor PS5, so the device is useless, there is no lie about the goods.

The floor to Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President Platforms Experience

"PlayStation Portal is the perfect device for gamers who only have one TV to share in their home or who just want to play their PS5 games in another room," said Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president, Experience at the Platforms. PlayStation Portal connects to your PS5 remotely over a Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to quickly switch between your PS5 and your PlayStation Portal. PlayStation Portal can play all compatible games installed on your PS5 console and using the DualSense wireless controller”.

Note that PS VR2 games are not compatible -normal- nor are Cloud streaming titles that will arrive soon on PlayStation Premium. Release before the end of the year at an indicative price of 219.99 euros.