iPhone 15 Ultra, the return

It would indeed be the surname iPhone 15 Ultra that the most expensive of the next four iPhones, until then called Pro Max, would adopt.

When the first rumors about the iPhone 15 were launched, the "leakers" were already reporting that the name iPhone 15 Pro Max could disappear to become iPhone 15 Ultra. Then the gossip about it died down, and the Pro Max name came back. But the situation turns around: the most expensive iPhone 15 in the series could finally be named iPhone 15 Ultra.

iPhone 15 Ultra with 10x optical zoom?

This is reported by Andrew O'Hara of the Apple Insider site, indicating that several sources confirm this name change. The range would therefore be composed as follows: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra. A change that will further differentiate the premium model, justifying its high price. O'Hara further specifies that this model would benefit from a 10x optical zoom, which would put it in direct competition with Samsung's Galaxy S23.