USB-C, also on the iPhone 14?

While the proprietary Lightning format port should bow out from the next iPhone 15 in favor of the USB-C standard, older models could come out with this same specification.

Among the notable changes of the next iPhone-15 range, Apple should comply with European legislation to adopt USB-C and abandon its Lightning format. And this change could also affect older models, which would come out in "new" versions equipped with USB-C.

iPhone 14 with USB-C port approaching?

This is predicted by Korean leaker Eyes1122, backed by an Apple developer who made recent finds in the tvOS17 beta 5 system code. Indeed, in addition to the code numbers of the next four iPhone 15s, he discovered two code numbers corresponding to iPhone 14s which do not exist and which could therefore be USB-C versions of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, or 14 and 14 Pro.

Knowing that Apple continues to sell some of its old models when the new ones come out, it could be a way of complying with European legislation even with previous iPhones.