Barbie, savior of cinema?

While the post-Covid effects are still being felt by the chilly attendance of cinemas, Barbie largely gets the public out of her living room.

Who would have thought, Barbie is a hit at the cinema. And not content with breaking records at the box office, we can also attribute another feat to it: that of bringing the public to theaters when it had been cooled by the Covid period.

The public comes out of their house for Barbie

The Quorum site recently conducted a survey in the USA of 1,800 viewers of the film, asking them if they often go to the cinema. While 46% say they go there all the time, 11% admit they can't remember the last movie they saw, and 11% of the rest admit they haven't been there since the pandemic. . In other words, nearly a quarter of viewers left their homes especially for Barbie.

And cheers for other movies like Barbie

A result that is confirmed by the following question, asking how the public felt about this experience. While 15% say it was just another experience, 40% say the film reminded them how much they love going to the cinema and that they will return more often. In addition, 45% say that ticket prices are an obstacle and that they would need another film like Barbie to motivate them to repeat the experience (that's good, a Ken film would be in the pipeline).

Results which remind us on the one hand how much the Covid has had an impact on the habits of moviegoers, and which show on the other hand that this film is special enough to have succeeded in moving the crowds. Moreover, the film is already in pre-order 4K Ultra HD by clicking right here.