Fifa on Samsung Smart TV

The channel dedicated to football, Fifa+, enriches the free Samsung TV Plus streaming service on the brand's Smart TVs.

The free Samsung TV Plus streaming service integrated into the brand's connected televisions hosts the Fifa+ channel, offering a wealth of content for football fans: original broadcasts, archival matches, live matches and key moments from men's and feminine.

The floor to Richard Jakeman, Head of Business Development, Samsung Electronics Europe

“Samsung is pleased to add the Fifa+ application and its dedicated channel on Samsung TV Plus to continue to evolve the offer of sports content on Samsung televisions and Galaxy devices, commented Richard Jakeman, Head of Business Development, Samsung Electronics Europe. The launch of thousands of hours of Fifa+ content around the world will bring incredible added value to our users, and with the Fifa Women's World Cup 2023 just around the corner, they will also be able to discover content that will mark the next exciting chapter in women's football l».

The floor to Alex Hole, VP & GM, Samsung Electronics Europe

“Collaborations like these help us change the image of the Smart TV ecosystem and Fast channels (Editor's note: Free Ad Supported Television or free linear television channels supported by advertising and broadcast in streaming). With the addition of live programming from major sporting events, this transforms our Fast TVs and channels into premium platforms for accessing sports content and challenges all assumptions about what Fast can offer, adds Alex Hole , VP & GM, Samsung Electronics Europe. For advertisers, the fact that Samsung is providing access to such high-quality content for the world's most beloved sport, including the FIFA Women's World Cup, provides an even greater opportunity to capture highly engaged viewers on Fast enjoying of these key sporting events”.